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                PFC capacitor PFC module increases DC voltage after rectifier and compensates the lagging reactive power in SMPS. The capacitor used in this part of the circuit must be able to maintain a continuous DC voltage superimposed with high frequency ripple voltage. This is also the design of the capacitor selection needs to be taken into account in order to avoid excessive use of capacitors. Optional MPP, MPA/MPT and MPC series
                Product Features Product Specifications Product Certification
                容值範圍 0.001~0.47uF 0.01uF~2.2uF 0.1uF~3.3uF 0.01uF~3.3uF 0.1uF~10.0uF 1.0~10.0uF
                12*(9~18)*(5~10) 18*(10~21)*(5~12) 22*(7~20)*(5~15) 26.5*(15~23)*(6~14) 31*(20~30)*(10~20) 42*(22~48)*(12~33)
                腳距 P10 P15 P20 P22.5 P27.5 P37.5
                電壓 450V/630V 450V/630V 450V/630V 450V/630V 450V/630V 450V/630V
                精度 ±5%,±10% ±5%,±10% ±5%,±10% ±5%,±10% ±5%,±10% ±5%,±10%
                基膜厚度 5~12 5~12 5~12 5~12 5~12 5~12
                留邊距離 ≥1.5mm ≥1.5mm ≥1.5mm ≥1.5mm ≥1.5mm ≥1.5mm
                方阻 2~10Ω/ 2~10Ω/ 2~10Ω/ 2~10Ω/ 2~10Ω/ 2~10Ω/
                最新標準 GB/T 6346.11-2015