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                The pressure drop of capacitor

                壓降電【容器 The pressure drop of capacitor
                Product Features Product Specifications Product Certification
                High stability of capacitance and DF versus wide temperature and frequency range ;
                ■  高電流承受及高絕緣強度
                High transient endurance and high dielectric strength ;
                ■  長時間工作於嚴酷』環境下(如高@溫高濕ξ )容量穩定
                High stability of capacitance under serving ambient condition(such as high temperature and high humidity);
                ■  自愈性好,能承受浪湧電壓沖擊
                Excellent self-healing ,withstanding surge-voltage stressing.
                ■   電◣源串聯連接用 For connection in series with power supply
                ■   阻容降壓用↑ For capacitive divider power supply
                ■   線間跨接,抑制電源電⊙磁幹擾Across- the-line, Spark killer;
                ■   開關電源Switching power supply.

                You may download more details for it here : 

                ISO9001  C

                ISO9001 EN

                ISO14000  C



                CQC  C

                CQC  EN


                VDE C

                UL C